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Mar 01, 2019


Last week, the Idaho Truck PAC hosted its annual legislative dinner with House and Senate leadership and legislators that serve on the Transportation Committees. Governor Brad Little also stopped by to express his support for the trucking industry. Idaho Trucking Association members talked with legislators and explained the negative impact of the weight-distance registration proposals on their businesses. Despite the claim that the proposals are intended to be revenue neutral, several carriers project increases of more than 100% on their annual Idaho registration costs as a result of this legislation. The ITA took every opportunity to remind legislators that Idaho truck registration rates are the fourth highest in the country, and that although trucks represent only 12% of vehicle miles traveled in Idaho, trucks pay 41% of all highway taxes. The trucking industry is willing to pay its fair share to ensure a safe and efficient highway system, but the state’s transportation funding needs cannot be met solely through fees on commercial vehicles.

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Weight-Distance Registration Proposals

The ITA is continuing to monitor and strongly oppose the two weight-distance registration proposals. ITA members have communicated frequently with several Idaho legislators regarding the projected impact of this legislation and the administrative burden it represents for the state.
Senate Bill 1066:
Senate Bill 1067:

129,000 Pound Route and Permit Proposals

Two proposals related to 129,000 pound route designations and permits were recently introduced. The first proposal removes the 129k pilot project routes from Idaho code, because they were later designated by the Idaho Transportation Department for the permanent statewide system. The second proposal establishes a process in which local highway authorities must respond to route requests within a certain timeframe, charge no more than $ 5,000 for technical evaluations, apply specified engineering standards during evaluation, develop a written record for any route denial including engineering justification and provide an opportunity for the route applicant to have a public meeting in the event of a route denial. The proposal also establishes a new fund in the state treasury to help local authorities cover evaluation costs in excess of $ 5,000. The ITA is supportive of this legislation, because it would provide a more consistent process across the state for businesses requesting 129k routes.
House Bill 167:
House Bill 168:

Registration Fee for ACHD

After sharing our concerns with members of the House Transportation Committee regarding the proposed Ada County Highway District’s $ 75 registration fee on all vehicles over 8,000 lbs., we are pleased to report that the Committee decided not to advance this legislation.
House Bill 125:



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