Idaho Trucking Association | Legislative Update

Feb 13, 2019


The 2019 legislative session has been busy so far. We would like to share some information about the legislation that we are tracking on behalf of ITA members.

Weight-Distance Registration Proposals

Two new weight-distance registration proposals were introduced last week in the Senate Transportation Committee. Both proposals change the current tiered truck registration system for vehicles with a gross weight over 60,000 pounds. Instead, a flat annual registration fee of $280 would be established, and a mileage fee would be assessed for all Idaho mileage according to vehicle weight. The ITA has been following the weight-distance issue for the past several years, and we are actively monitoring these proposals. We will strongly oppose this legislation and express our concerns about a return to the weight-distance tax in Idaho. Please follow the links below to view the full bill details. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in sharing the impact to your fleet or testifying before the legislative committee, please contact Jason Andrus at

Senate Bill 1051:
Senate Bill 1052:

Registration Fee for ACHD

Legislation was introduced on Friday to allow the Ada County Highway District to levy a $75 registration fee on all vehicles over 8,000 lbs. if supported by voters of the countywide highway district. ACHD is the only countywide highway district in the state. Several ITA members have indicated their opposition to this proposal, and we are preparing a response. If you have any questions about this issue or are interested in participating in the ITA’s efforts, please contact Jason Andrus at

House Bill 125:



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