Skills Information Test

Purpose of the Skills Test
The skills test evaluates your ability to drive a vehicle safely, demonstrate good driving habits, and obey traffic laws in a variety of driving situations. It is the final step required in qualifying for the privilege of driving on Idaho's streets and highways.
Who Needs To Take A Skills Test?
Skills tests are required for:

  • All new applicants who have never been licensed before. 
  • Driver's education graduates who have not applied for a driver's license within 90 days of completing an approved driver's education course.
  • All applicants who have been driving under authority of an instruction permit.
  • All drivers who have annual or semi-annual skills test requirements required by the Idaho Transportation Department.
  • All foreign-licensed applicants. 
    The skills test may also be required for:
  • Any applicant whose vision does not meet minimum standards
  • Any applicant having any mental or physical disability that might affect the safe operation of a motor vehicle
  • Any applicant, regardless of prior license, experience or age, when an examiner has concerns about the applicant's driving skills.
    What Does A Skills Test Include?
    Your skills test will take about 30 minutes to complete, and consist of two parts: the pre-drive check and the road test. Insure that the vehicle you provide for the skills test has valid proof of insurance and is properly registered.
  • Pre-drive check: During this part of the test, you will be required to identify, locate, and demonstrate that the items listed below are in good working order:
    - Tires (must have at least 1/32" tread
    - Brakes, including emergency brake
    - Head lights, brake lights, and turn signals (front and back)
    - Windshield and wipers
    - Defroster
    - Gauges
    - Seat belts
    - Horn
    - Rear view mirror(s)
    - Driver window
    - Emergency flashers
    - Passenger door
    - You will be required to demonstrate arm signaling for turning and stopping.
  • Road test: During this part of the skills test, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to safely operate and obey traffic laws while performing the following driving maneuvers: 
    - Street parking
    - Parking lot driving
    - Straight line backing
    - Business and residential driving
    - Freeway or highway driving
    - Four right turns and four left turns
    - Eight intersections
    - A curve
    - Lane changes
    You will be tested on proper traffic checks, speed, acceleration and deceleration, stopping and stopping distances, lane changes, lane position, and vehicle pacing.
    Note: Please review chapters 4 through 11 of the Idaho Driver's Manual. The tester will be making various marks on the score sheet as you are driving. Do not be distracted by the scoring, it does not necessarily indicate that an error has been made. Unless you already have driving privileges, you must come to the skills test in a vehicle driven by a licensed driver. You will be allowed to drive without a driver's license only during the skills test. You will not have driving privileges allowing you to drive at any other time until your driver's license is issued. No passengers or pets are permitted in the vehicle during the test. Car phones must be turned off or disconnected. Loose or valuable items should not be in the vehicle during the test.
    How Do I Prepare For A Skills Test?
    1. Study the Idaho Driver's Manual. (Pay special attention to chapters 4 through 11.)
    2. Pass the Idaho written test (if required) and obtain a receipt allowing you to take the skills test ($3.50).
    3. Make sure that the vehicle to be used for the test is in good running condition, is clean and safe to operate, and that you have authorization to use it. Proof of insurance is required to take the test.
    4. Make an appointment with a certified skills tester. A list of skills testers in your area will be provided by the drivers license office when you make application. The skills test fee of $11.50 is to be paid directly to the skills tester. 
    What Must I Do To Pass The Test?
    To pass the test, you cannot make more than 15 errors. You may fail the skills test if you commit a serious driving error, and will fail the test immediately for any collision or near collision, any dangerous action, serious or persistent violation of law, or lack of cooperation. If you do not pass the skills test, you may re-schedule another test. A three-day waiting period is required by law and you will be required to obtain another receipt for $3.50 and pay another $11.50 test fee. When you have passed your skills test, return to the driver's license office with the envelope which will be given to you by the skills tester. The driver's license office will then issue you a driver's license.
    What Is A Restricted License?
    The skills tester is charged with the responsibility of assuring that the drivers tested are capable of driving safely on public roads. Although public safety cannot be compromised, providing a restricted license to a driver with limited driving skills may be the answer to meeting the driver's transportation needs while still providing for the safety of others. If your driving skills are not as good as they used to be or are limited for any reason, a restricted license may be the best way to meet your needs and the public's safety expectations at the same time. Discussing the situation with the tester prior to the test may make the testing process less stressful for both of you.
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