MAY 15-16, 2015
Idaho State Police Training Facility in Meridian

Ready for some friendly competition?

The annual Idaho State Truck Driving Championship is here again. The Truck Driving Championships was established in 1937 and spotlights the unique skills of the professional truck driver.  This fun, two day event is designed to select all-around champions who are more than just “good drivers”.  For participants, this is the culmination of thousands of hours of their own time spent sharpening their everyday skills and knowledge.

Some of the safest and best drivers compete in the championships every year.  The competition tests the drivers’ industry knowledge with a written test, ability to catch potential problems with a pre-trip inspection drill, and safe driving skills as they navigate a course with six-problems reflecting everyday driving conditions.  The winner of each class has the opportunity to advance to the ATA National Truck Driving Championships.

The Truck Driving Championships benefit companies by creating a more safety-conscious driver. Drivers always have the championships in the back of their minds and try to stay as safe as possible throughout the year.  That’s because drivers must be accident-free during the 12 months preceding the championships in order to compete.

If you know of non-professional truck drivers that would love to be a part of this event, then consider asking them to volunteer.  It takes over 50 volunteers to make the event run smoothly, as well as a pieces of equipment for each class and hostlers to move the equipment.

If you’ve participated in the past, you know how much fun the championships can be.  If you’ve never participated, there’s no time like the present. Below you will find all the forms you need for the 2015 Idaho Truck Driving Championship.


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2015 National Truck Driving Championship
America's Center
St. Louis, MO 
August 11-15, 2015
  • Idaho Trucking Association
  • 3405 East Overland Road, Suite 175
  • Meridian, ID 83642
  • Local: (208) 342-3521
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